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Security Services
Why do people hang off the side of a frozen mountain? To prove that they in fact can accomplish the feat -- even though nobody but they may ever know the outcome.

Hackers and crackers are out there -- and they are in search of the next mountain. Your business and your mission critical services should not be destroyed by random vandals. Discovery of a network breach should be swift -- as well as provide the network administrator a response mechanism.
[Notice that firewall design and implementation was listed under network engineering. The person installing the security should never be the person verifying the security.]

Harbor Light can execute your security services needs by doing the following:
  • Full security Audits -Where are we today and where should we be tomorrow
  • Monthly Firewall audits -In order to gain access to a site hackers will probe the defenses
  • Complete Company Security policies written to the customers specifications
  • Network security design recommendations to be implemented by the Network group

Network Engineering
Technology can perform an unlimited set of tasks. But what task is required for the business today? Amd what can the technology provide for the business tomorrow?

Harbor Light Computer Corporation can help you answer these question and design the best network to service your business. Our philosophy is that the business should never work for the technology.

  • Documentation and discovery of what technology exist on site today
  • Design for the next generation network or enhancement plan optimizing an existing investment
  • Mans, Wanes and Lanes -- single floors, multiple buildings, multiple cities and or countries
  • Remote access services for Road warriors and home workers
  • Video conferencing on top of an existing Network- Networks should provide more than just email
  • Existing Circuit analysis
  • Firewall Design and implementation
  • Trade Floor Design and Market Data Implementation

Construction Management
Cost involved with construction delays can mount quickly. One trade relies upon all other trades to be able to perform its specific task. Harbor Light acts as a liaison removing obstacles that would normally cause delays. The mine fields of construction permits, unions, deliveries and schedules can best be navigated with Harbor Light as the company's point of contact.

Harbor Light can manage your construction project by doing the following:

  • Technology Liaison to the General Contractor
  • A construction schedule without excuses
  • Moves additions and changes
  • Properly Sized HVAC and electrical circuits preventing costly additions in the future
  • Complete Lan Room Design

Cable Plant Design
A neatly designed cable plant can enhance network performance and save money in the future. Proper documentation will allow new and existing staff members to move, add and change components with a minimum of effort.

Harbor Light can design your cable plant by:

  • Designed from Station to MDF/IDF
  • Documented and labeled to reduce cost of trouble shooting and routine maintenance
  • Removal of defunct cable plant components

VOICE Over IP Services
VOIP rediness Assessments  Is your network ready for VOIP

  • Bandwidth analysis (Current patterns and future voice requirements)
  • Equipment Review
  • Network Software Review
  • Security Review
  • Environmental Review (Heating, Electric and Space Requirments)
  • Hardware, Software and Circuit recommendations

Cisco VOIP Callmanager Campus Design

  • Campus Designs
  • Small and Medium office designs
  • Detailed migration paths to gracefully decommission Legacy PBX
  • Dial Plans for enhanced business services
  • Integrated Video and Audio Conference resources

Cisco Callmanager Ongoing support

  • Emergency Security Patch support
  • Monthly Upgrade and Patch Support
  • General troubleshooting and emergency support
  • Moves adds and changes
  • Training available for the business community or your technical staff

Engineering Staff

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